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100 Tonnes Hand Sanitiser Supply Aus's COVID-19 Response

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Woolworths Group invests with Indigenous businesses to supply hand sanitiser to keep Australians safe through COVID-19 and beyond

With the support of Woolworths, we have been incredibly proud to be able to supply hand sanitiser to frontline workers, keep our business running and continue to grow employment opportunities.

Shawn Andrews, Supply Aus’s Chairman expressed his appreciation:

“This is proof that Indigenous businesses are dynamic and capable. We are familiar with working under pressure and are solution finders.

“It’s a personal one for us - my mum works in a Woolworths supermarket and they are using the very same hand sanitiser we have brought in at their store.

“We are extremely grateful for the opportunity. The flow-on effect of a brand like Woolworths partnering with a small Indigenous business like ourselves will provide higher comfort levels for more Indigenous businesses to come on board.”

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