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Closing the Gap, what this means to Supply Aus

Closing the Gap began in response to a call for governments to commit to achieving equality for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. In 2020, there is a greater focus on partnership between governments and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. At the centre of this new way of working is local action, and a determination to make a difference and to achieve change.

As part of Indigenous business community, Supply Aus is working relentlessly to build a new generation of Australian Aboriginals that are adhered to the Closing the Gap programme. Established since 2018, we are humbly growing our missions to provide positive outcomes to Aboriginal employment and the local economies. It's meaningful for us to have strong support from government agencies, our partners and suppliers across Australia to deploy these strategies and boost indigenous business growth.

Supply Aus is expanding to offer a greater range of products and services - from safety wear for fieldwork to civil construction and engineering - to respond to the Closing the Gap visions. Keep in touch with us for more exciting developments. Contact us for trade and partnership information.

For the full report of the Closing the Gap programme, please click here

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