Kills 99.9 per cent of germs

Cleans and disinfects

Contains certified organic disinfectant

No chlorine, ammonia, phosphates or nasties

Enviro, allergy & septic system friendly

pH neutral

Made in Australia


Use Power Disinfectant on:

All surfaces! Power Disinfectant is pH neutral

so it’s safe to use on all hard surfaces including

bench tops and floors, timber, chrome, tiled

areas, laminex, linoleum, plastic, polished

concrete and all natural stones.


Directions for Power Disinfectant:

For general cleaning, dilute one cup into four

litres of water or use 50/50 for heavily soiled

hard surfaces. Use undiluted for toilets, rubbish

bins and drains. For best results, use warm



Tip for Power Disinfectant:

Use to disinfect baby baths, highchairs and

waterproof change mats.

Power Disinfectant 750ml

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  • 750ml/bottle