There’s nothing worse than the dreaded fatigue, dizziness and nausea that comes from dehydration. Keep up your fluid intake and replace lost electrolytes with the Mixed Flavour Solo Shot Hydration Sachets from Thorzt. This hydration drink has a blend of electrolyte minerals, amino acids, and C and B group vitamins. It’s also 99.9% sugar-free, so you can rehydrate without the extra sugar that you don’t need. With five flavours in this pack - Wild Berry, Lemon Lime, Blue Lemonade, Orange and Tropical flavours, you can test out all the flavours in the range. To hydrate, just ad one 3g sachet into 600ml of water and you’ll be all set to go. Keep a couple of the Solo Shot Sachets from Thorzt in your hiking pack, work satchel, or gear bag for topping up your electrolyte, vitamin and amino acids on the move. 99.9% sugar-free Gluten and caffeine-free 3g solo shot sachet makes 600ml Essential amino acids C and B group vitamins Electrolyte mineral blend Mix of Wild Berry, Lemon Lime, Blue Lemonade, Orange and Tropical flavours

Thorzt Solo Shot 50 pack

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